FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


We ship your orders twice a week from France and around the world. Click here to find out delivery times.


Your jewelry is guaranteed for 12 months from the delivery date. We will repair your jewelry at no additional cost during the period. Click here for more information.


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Where do our stones come from?

We pay a lot of attention to the origin of our stones. Concerned about human and environmental respect, we only source from family businesses that have their own mines in the southern region of Brazil.
We know the owners of these companies by name and we know that the minerals are extracted there with good working conditions and respect for nature. It is in Soledade, in Rio Grande do Sul, where part of my family grew up and where we know families of miners from several generations, that we go every year. The stones are chosen one by one by me ( hello, @annecauduro here ), with great care, to then be delivered to our workshop in Provence.

We also sell stones that come from other regions of Brazil, notably from the state of Minas Gerais. Taxation is not always easy, but we do our best to know the procedures of our suppliers, and only choose those who are transparent in all aspects of the work.

How do I maintain my jewelry?

No matter the metal, no matter the stone, chemicals attack our jewelry without any mercy. A very important tip for taking good care of your jewelry: when you do the dishes, the housework, gardening or when you go to the swimming pool or the sea, remember to take off your necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. This will avoid many disappointments, because exposing your jewelry to these activities can only damage them. Have the reflexes of regulars.

* Avoid contact with chemicals, lotions and/or body products.
*Store all your jewelry in a clean, dry environment when not wearing it.

4 micron gold and silver plated jewelry

Please do not use jewelry cleaning solution or chemicals as they may remove the plating layer from your jewelry.

* For gold or silver plated jewelry that is always clean, beautiful and shiny, polish it with a microfiber cloth, lint-free flannel or other soft, non-abrasive cloth. Make long, back-and-forth movements on the chain.
*For a deep clean, create your own eco-friendly cleaner with lemon juice and baking soda, or ash. Soak the chain in a solution with lemon juice and a little bicaborate or ash. Leave it for two hours then rinse using an old toothbrush and dry.

* Wrapping and gift wrapping

Each order is prepared with the greatest care: tissue paper, cotton pouch or LaBoboá gift box, and ready to be offered to the lucky recipient if it is a gift. However, you can send us a comment telling us that it is a gift.

Can I personalize a note on the card?

Of course, leave us a note at checkout if you would like to have a special message on your package.

*Sales to Professionals

We offer rates for professionals! For more information, write to us at contact@laboboa.com or contact us here.