Purification & Recharging

When you get a new stone it may be new to you, but it took a long journey to reach its final destination and it will have absorbed a whole range of different energies that it has been exposed to, by people who have it. manipulated and will have transferred various energies and emotions into it.

It is therefore important to clean your crystals as soon as you get them, and on a regular basis (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on usage). The cleansing process is not done with soap and water, it is meant to cleanse the stone of its stored energies - good and bad - which can be released by the stone at any time.

PURIFICATION METHODS :                          


Let your stones soak in a bowl of running or salt spring water for at least three hours. Be careful, not all stones support water, especially azurite, celestite, garnet, pyrite or sulphur. If you want to clean your stones that are attached to a jewel, place the jewel in another container so that it does not get soaked and then place this container in the bowl of water. In this case, as the stone will not have direct contact with water, leave it for eight hours for it to purify.


Place your stones in a bowl filled with sea or kitchen salt overnight or even a few days to prevent them from absorbing any unwanted energy. You can leave them on the surface or bury them for a stronger clean. After use cleanse your stones to remove any remaining salt and remember to discard the salt as it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies.

Like water, salt is not for all stones. If it gets wet, it can liquefy, and cause problems for stones that can't stand water. To avoid this, you can always protect your stones or stone jewelry during cleaning by placing them in a container which will then be placed in the bowl of salt.


Fumigation is a gentle and quick technique to purify and unload your stones. Pass them through the smoke given off by incense or sandalwood. This technique will purify your stones and minerals that are not often used or that are often cleaned.

After being cleansed, the crystals can be recharged with energy. When crystals are still part of the earth they can draw energy from them naturally, but once removed they lose this ability and over time and use the energy of crystals decreases. However, it can be replenished by those who use and care for them.



Light is a universal natural energy. Recharging in the Sun is very powerful, but not all stones can withstand the light of this star. For those who tolerate it, simply leave them outside in the summer or in a bright place indoors in the winter (no need for them to be in direct sunlight), ideally for up to two hours.

Stones like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Celestine and others cannot recharge in the Sun as it can ruin their colors. We will therefore prefer reloading with the Moon for these stones which have a more feminine energy. The best time to recharge the stones with the Moon is when it is in its full phase, but it can be done similarly from the New Moon until its fullness by leaving the crystals overnight for an influential recharge.


Reloading by fire is very simple and that's why we like this method. Simply place the crystals in the middle of a few candles or in the light of the flames of a fireplace (at a distance that they are not touched by the fire) and leave for at least two hours. The heat caused by the flames is a considerable source of energy, and in addition the flames purify and recharge the stones, which is a big plus.

THE FLOWER OF LIFE                   

The Flower of Life is a geometric shape and a sacred symbol found in Ancient Egypt. It has the same geometric shape as human DNA and is capable of giving off sufficient vibrational frequency to both purify and recharge minerals. To do this, place your stones and crystals in it after each use and leave them for about 4 hours to be purified. The simplicity of this technique allows us to purify and recharge our crystals daily.

Here is a short video we made to help you purify your stones: