How to use the stones?

The important thing to remember here is that crystals are tools...the stone itself is not going to just magically cure you. The intention with which the stone is used is crucial, and variations in intentions have several effects on crystals and their abilities to transmit energies.

It is therefore very important to learn to trust and recognize your intuition when working with crystals and minerals. Just knowing each stone will help you to some extent, but it is by listening to your "gut" that you will have tremendous opportunities for healing and growth.

Crystals and minerals thereby enhance our inherent potential, helping us to explore our greatest abilities. Different types of stones possess different frequencies and illuminate different areas of our being. It is therefore also important to know the properties of the crystal you are using in order to help and not hinder your progress.

When you are attracted to a specific mineral or it has come to you spontaneously , researching the properties of that mineral will help you know what you need to work on. Although some crystals work automatically, they all need to be purified in order to use their full potential.

The first thing to do when you receive a stone is to discharge it and purify it of the (potentially negative) energies it has accumulated in order to then recharge it.

There are different cleaning and reloading methods, and each stone will have a preference. To learn more about the different purification and recharging methods, click here .