Lithotherapy, what is it?

Lithotherapy is an alternative and gentle medicine that uses the energy and colors of stones to harmonize the body and heal our emotional wounds.

Stones and minerals possess vibrations and qualities that can help eliminate physical and psychological stress. When these are placed on chakras or worn as pendants, they can treat the organs to which they are naturally connected.

Lithotherapy thus uses the energy of the stones to maintain the balance between the brain, the body and the spirit, being able to help in psychological, physical and spiritual levels.

Little History of Lithotherapy

Studies indicate that since prehistoric times stones have been used for healing, either in rituals and ceremonies as well as as amulets. Primitive people already assumed that the stones offered protection against evil spirits: among the Native Americans there are several sculptures made of semi-precious stones, as well as amulets and jewelry.

It is in Ancient Egypt that we begin to organize a system of symbolism for the colors of stones, while in China, India and Ancient Greece we learn to use crystals by their physical and psychological virtues. In the Middle Ages, alchemists often used stones to cure illnesses.

It was with the arrival of Humanist thought that interest in the powers of stones was reduced, until the second half of the 20th century, in France, when lithotherapy was developed for the first time in a branch. official homeopathy.