Stone Guide




Aquamarine Throat Purifies the soul, inspires truth in communication, confidence and the ability to let go.
Heart and Throat Stone of joy and self-expression, personal space, freedom.
Amethyst Crown Helps reduce restlessness, irritation and worry, promoting mental calm.
Green Amethyst Sun, Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown Helps to strengthen peace and calm and brings generosity, harmony and stability.
Blue Apatite Throat and 3rd Eye Helps in public speaking, improves concentration and memory. Cleans the aura.
Aragonite Root Centers physical energies. Brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind, teaches acceptance and patience.
Aventurine Heart Creativity and imagination, brings luck, well-being and inner harmony.
Petrified Wood Root Grounding stone, helps ease our worries and fills the mind with feelings of security.
Blue Calcite Throat and 3rd Eye Helps find a calm and stress-free state of mind, works specifically on creativity.
Celestine Throat Soothing and expansive, perfect for contemplation and meditation. Develop eloquence.
Chyrsocolla Throat Discharges negative energies, allows truth and inner wisdom to be heard.
citrine Solar plexus Boosts self-confidence, attracts prosperity. Helps eliminate fears.
Rock crystal All Chakras Balances and harmonizes the aura of the body. Purifies and increases the harmony of all energies with which it comes into contact.
Blue Kyanite Throat Helps resolve disagreements repairing damaged relationships. Encourages examination of all aspects of oneself.
fluorite Heart Inhales peace while exhaling confusion and chaos. Stimulates the mind with positive thoughts and clear reasoning.
Howlite Crown Stone of conscience, promotes serenity of mind and eliminates all kinds of distracting thoughts.
Green Jade Heart Stone of harmony, balance and good luck. Helps to find the courage to discover our inner truths.
Dalmatian Jasper Sacred and Root Awakens childlike energy, inspiring us to step out of the comfort zone and feel fully free.
Mookaite Jasper Root, Sacred and Solar Strength and Vitality. Protective and soothing, it restores confidence.
Red Jasper Root Serenity and Unity. Brings a sense of security and cleanses the aura with low vibrations.
Labradorite Throat Working stone, encourages courtesy and attention. Protects against negativity.
Malachite Heart Stone of protection, absorbs negative energies and encourages change and emotional risk-taking.
Black Obsidian

Powerful shield against negative energies, reveals what our ego really is.

Eye of tiger Solar Encourages independence of mind and self-confidence. Repel dangers.
Black Onyx Root Connection with the physical and natural world. Brings power and strength and offers protection and security.
Green Opal Heart and 3rd Eye

Cleanses the mind, eases the heart and aids in relationships with soothing vibrations.

Peridot Heart

Stimulates mentally and regenerates physically. Helps to recognize and realize our destinies and spiritual.

Moon stone Crown

Cleanses and dispels negativity from all chakras and opens the heart to the acceptance of love.

Black Moonstone - Larvikite Root

A stone of patience, it is protective and helps activate the imagination.

Pink Moonstone Heart

Mixes soothing feelings with that of love, helping to open the heart and learn passion.

Pyrite Solar, Sacred

Stone of rational thought, of the restructuring of the mind. Defensive shield against negative energies.

Blue Quartz Throat and 3rd Eye Brings a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Cleanses the aura and eliminates energy blockages.
Smoky Quartz Root Gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages allowing positive frequencies to take their place.
Rose Quartz Heart Crystal of unconditional love. Brings inner peace and increases the expression of love.
Rhodochrosite Heart Selfless love pushes us beyond mere empathy to act on behalf of others.
Selenite Crown Inspires deep peace with its high frequency, clears negativity from the physical and etheric body.
Sodalite Throat Stone of Truth, allows the conscious and subconscious mind to connect with thoughts and feelings.
Black Tourmaline Root Stone of protection, it repels all kinds of negative energy.
Pink Tourmaline Heart, Crown Love and spirituality, encourages compassion and gentleness during times of change.
Green Tourmaline Heart Strengthens courage and strength, endurance and vitality. Inspire creativity.