❤ Vendredi 13 ❤

❤ Friday the 13th ❤

Jan 25, 2022Anne Cauduro

Don't worry, everything is fine!

For the ancient pagans, Friday was a day when you received blessings and gifts from the gods.
This makes for a rather spiritual and joyful day.

Another belief saw number 13 as the last stage of life. The first 12 would be here on earth, in this life, the 13th and last, would symbolize the afterlife.

So that's not a bad thing at all, since most pagans understood it as a natural part of life and not something to be feared or shunned.

Let's keep in mind that the number 13 is closely related to the feminine energies of the universe (13 menstrual cycles, 28 days x 13 = 364), and if there was one thing that Christianity didn't like, it's was sacred femininity and strong women. 😒

For pagans, Friday the 13th is not a bad day.
NO WAY ! In fact, most consider it a lucky day and a good day to do lucky spells!

So let's enjoy life rather than being afraid!

For a little more mental and emotional comfort, try wearing Smoky Quartz, a beautiful crystal that is one of the best grounding stones, as well as being highly protective.

The stone in this necklace is hand chiselled in southern Brazil, a great Christmas gift for another pagan witch. 🧝🏾‍♀

And as you are there,
☘ What is your lucky number?
Text written in English by our friend Maina Cerniawsky

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