TOP 5 Cristaux de Protection

TOP 5 Protection Crystals

Sep 30, 2020Anne Cauduro

The practice of Lithotherapy attracts more and more curious people thanks to its energetic powers of protection and cure. Stones can help us heal emotional wounds, bring well-being into our day-to-day life, and protect us from harmful energies. Certain special stones are extremely powerful in blocking and neutralizing these unwanted energies.

It is however very important to clarify that, even if the crystals have protective powers, it is up to us to attract this kind of power to the stone. Even a stone that is not a priori recommended for protection work - like a snow crystal for example - can also help to conceal negative energies if it is programmed to do so.

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Black Tourmaline Necklace by La Boboa

When I think of stone, I think of Black Tourmaline. It is the most complete, expensive and recommended stone of protection in the mystical world. In addition to being THE stone of protection par excellence, it also has the ability to capture the energy of the atmosphere and dissipate in several directions the particles charged with ions, which have the power to purify the air, the water, improve metabolism, in addition to reducing the effect of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones and other electronic equipment.

Its powerful energy is able to protect and free our body from negative influences, including those of people with whom we come into contact. She has the power to dissipate the negative energy of space with her mystical force, transforming the tense and rigid atmosphere more amiable, and the harsh people, more flexible and receptive.

It is a crystal suitable for distrust, greed, envy, jealousy, conscience, negative influences and black magic.


Onyx Tumbled Stone

Onyx is part of the Quartz family, it is a powerful stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps prevent the loss of personal energy. This stone gives us physical and emotional strength and resilience, especially when we need relief in times of stress, mental confusion and pain.

Contact with this crystal makes decision-making easier and more prudent. Very important in emotionally difficult times, Onyx absorbs excess emotional energy and helps us to soften the "roller coaster" of emotions that may arise at any given time.

It is also a beautiful stone for entrepreneurs and inventors, as it repels negative energy around other people's opinions or ideas.

3) Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal Cluster

The most versatile of crystals, Rock Crystal is a stone that can help us in the most diverse areas of our lives, and also in the protection against negative waves in spaces. It is for this reason very indicated to protect, purify and energize all types of environment.

Clear Quartz can easily disintegrate negative vibrations and ward off dark forces bringing light and purifying energy to space.

It relieves stress, anxiety and brings emotional calm. It also dispels fear, negativity and depression. In addition, Quartz gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels.

Half Moon Necklace by LaBoboa

4) Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Choker by LaBoboá

I am in love with this "stone" (which is indeed a naturally formed glass from volcanic lava). Obsidian has powerful metaphysical properties that will protect you against harmful energies. It repels negativity and disperses unworthy thoughts, releases imbalance and also negative energies.

This stone dissolves old and emotional trauma, bringing clarity to the mind, while clearing the confusion of the present. It also clears mental tension and helps block psychic attacks, forming a shield against negativity.

Black Obsidian Boho Necklace by LaBoboá

5) Red Jasper

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Red Jasper is a very powerful stone capable of blocking even the strongest attacks of black magic, envy and evil eye.

This stone can be used both for personal energy protection and for the purification and protection of our home. In addition, it is an excellent stone to avoid nightmares and drive away malicious people.

Red Jasper is ideal for the most difficult times in our lives, as it helps us stay calm and focused even in the most difficult situations.

And here is my selection of protective stones. What do you think? Have you ever tried them? I would love to hear your feedback!
Crystal kisses!

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