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Witch broom

Nov 19, 2018Anne Cauduro

The witch's broom is an effective and powerful cleaning tool. It symbolizes the feminine and has been used for a long time by wiccans, which can also be a great instrument for all apprentice witches;)

How to make your own broom?
It's quite simple! You can buy a straw broom or make your own. Take a tree branch and clumps of straw, twigs or dry leaves. Autumn is the perfect station to create your own broom, everything you need is everywhere and on the ground, you just have to want it.
Push back the broom and your power.
If you bought or created a broom, now is the time to make it even more powerful. Tie herbs like rosemary, rue des jardins, sage, or any herb you find useful to extend the purifying power of the broom. You can also embellish the sleeve with colored ribbons. IMPORTANT: the broom works as an amplifier of your energy, so remember that the most important thing is Visualization. The broom will have the powers you want to give it. Mentalize a desire like: bring me peace. Do with all the heart and all the energy.
How to use the broom to purify?
Before doing your ritual, it is important that your house is clean. Dirt attracts negative energy and it remains stagnated in the environment! Don't think that simply cleaning your house energetically will solve it - you also have to do some cleaning; the energies have immense power, but you have to collaborate ;) Sweep all the walls, corners and floors without touching the clumps of the broom. During your cleansing ritual, you can sing or pray. In this way you will remove all negative energies from the environment. After you finish, go to a window, or outside, and double tap the broom to get rid of the bad energy. Keep it, it's done its job. Now light an incense of your choice and walk around the whole place.
So! Your ritual is over, enjoy maintaining a healthy home filled with beautiful energies!
I find that this practice is very suitable for the end of the year, it helps us to release all that we have accumulated in a year and allows us to start a new cycle without having blockages.
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