Who are we?

At La Boboá we like to look for inspiration for new ideas and pieces in nature, and we try to thank nature by using reclaimed and fair trade materials. Our love for nature is reflected in what we do and how we do it.

Owning a small business has given us the opportunity to connect with many special people in this world who share our same values. To be able to create a connection with another person, to deliver a piece that we made with so much love to someone we may not know, is something special. It gives us a feeling of empathy for each other, and it's a beautiful feeling. Empathy can change the world .

Anne Cauduro

Graduated in Fashion Design in Brazil, in 2013 I started creating accessories, such as bags and bracelets, in recycled leather to finally land on the world of healing stones. Stones and crystals have always accompanied me in life, but it was when I arrived in France that they became essential for me; little pieces of my country, their energies seem to touch me even stronger when I am far away. So I started creating jewelry with these Brazilian stones, first for myself and for my loved ones, and then for you. Little by little, my passion for stones mixed with my passion for creation, and thus LaBoboá was born.


Guilherme Petersen

Graduated in Visual Arts in Paris, I am passionate about photography. I did not know the work of creating jewelry before meeting Anne, but manual work, such as drawing and painting, or sculpture, have always been present in my practice. Working with small pieces of jewelry was a real challenge at first: putting together jewelry can be a test of patience, but the energy of the stones somehow captivated me and I fell in love with them. LaBoboá was created and happened naturally, we both used our knowledge to get there, and I can say that the learning of this path is incomparable.