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Who is behind La Boboá?

Who is behind La Boboá: where do they live, what do they eat, do they feed on the energy of the crystals? 👀


Today I am launching the first post in our blog and nothing better than presenting ourselves well so that you understand who is behind the screen.

Let's meet: Anne, 28 years old, 13 tattoos, Brazilian / Italian. Jewelery designer, feminist, laughs quietly, enjoys being a mystic and a witch in her spare time.




Guilherme, 28, Brazilian born in Bahia, land of the sun. Visual artist, photographer, loves fortune telling, makes unconventional moves when dancing and is addicted to movies.



We've been together for three years, and since then we've made good daily company in this crazy life. Day after day, we share our little apartment, Tuca (our future dog that we have just adopted - but who will not arrive until September) and of course, this company that makes us happier every day.


 After meeting Guilherme in Brazil (and having had a very cute love story that I won't tell you so as not to bother you), I moved to Paris (more in the suburbs of Paris). In short, he was already living in Paris 3 years ago and I arrived in 2015. A year later La Boboá was born.



La Boboá is a mixture of references. Every detail of our jewelry, from the selection of the stones, through the creation to the packaging, is thought (over and over again) by the two of us.

We love what we do, and this small business helps us to be able to convey our vision and our mission for this life: to remind people (and ourselves) that there is real happiness in little things. It is in the most naive acts, the most ephemeral events, the simplest objects created by someone; wind that blows and makes hair mess, the sun that recharges us, an affectionate hug, a spontaneous laugh, a work of art that only makes sense for us ...



Because once we remember what is important in life, our existence becomes lighter, like a breath of freedom. 

Besides introducing us, I also wanted to thank you for being here. Because it is thanks to you (and I say that from the bottom of my heart) that we can do what we love, it is thanks to your presence here that we can have beautiful exchanges and remind us all together that life is still beautiful and there is beauty in sharing.

So thank you for your presence. Thank you to the universe for making it possible for our lives to intersect, even if briefly, even if we don't know each other. Nothing is by chance. May we grow together in the path of life.




Ps: Do not hesitate to take a tour of our new site and leave a little note with your opinion 🌸