celestine choker
Raw Celestine Choker Necklace
raw celestine necklace
raw celestine choker
celestine choker necklace

Raw Celestine Choker Necklace

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A tiny raw Blue Celestine crystal choker necklace, a very powerful and cute choker. Add this gorgeous natural celestial colors to your neck

Carefully made in our atelier in Paris and coming in it's own beautiful gift wrapping.


> High Quality Golden Clasp
> Double cord in Beige Black faux suede
> Brazilian Ethically Sourced Raw Celestite
> Handmade wire wrapping with high quality golden wire.
> Size options // All sizes include an EXTRA 4cm | 1.5in chain extension.:
12" - 31 cm
13" - 33 cm
14" - 36 cm
15" - 38 cm
16" - 40 cm

►C E L E S T I N E - E N E R G Y ◄

Celestite, or other name is celestine, is derived from the Latin word meaning “heavenly”. This stone was believed to be passed among family and friends in order to ward of evil. Both the Greek and the Roman cultures would pass this stone along to those who needed celestite for driving evil out of a person’s body.

Metaphysically, Celestite stones enhance the process through more lucid dreaming, keeping dream records and as a communication channel between the two realms. Besides, it is an extremely popular tool for use in communication with angelic and other spirit guides. This is a crystal that will instantly lift you above the mundane, once it has caught your eye


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