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Amazonite Gold Necklace
Amazonite Gold Necklace

Amazonite Gold Necklace

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A raw Amazonite green quartz crystal hanging from a delicate 3 microns gold plated, a powerful crystal necklace handmade by La Boboá to match your perfect boho chic attire.

Made in our atelier in Paris and shipped in its gift box.

All our crystals come from Brazil, our beautiful home country. Our current batch of these stones is lovely, with the crystals ranging approximately 30mm of height.

Chain is 3 microns gold plated that doesn't tarnish, no nickle and meeting all European regulations.

Amazonite is a strong stone for communicating, it will energize the words you speak with the power of truth. It helps you to align your speech to your higher ideals, and speak using words that clearly outline your real way of thinking, rather than the societal norm. It is also said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability.




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