Who is behind La Boboá?


More about us

Anne Cauduro: Graduated in Fashion Design in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Started creating accessories with upcycled leather back in 2013, such as bags and bracelets. After moving to Paris (2015) the feeling of being homesick and the love for crafting lead to an atmosphere of creativity. Going with the natural flow, creating jewelry with brazilian stones and mixing it with the french savoir-faire was a genuine way to go.. and here we are! 

Guilherme Petersen: Graduated in Visual Arts in Paris and currently doing his Masters in Arts, Design and Medias at the University Paris VIII. Started his path by creating conceptual art videos and working in art galleries. His talent for drawing with dots (stipilling) lead the couple to first start working with hand-drawn tote bags, and then, jewelry. Working together to create a concept that engaged both was the natural road to take.  


How we started?

I believe empathy is one of the strongest feeling in the world...

I first started crafting back in my childhood. Influenced by my mother, a strong female example who was always creating new decoration pieces and clothes, I grew with a big interest in manual work.

Crafting was always my favorite playing.

It was evident to me that I should create things that would transmit my personality, and a mix of my life in Paris and my brazilian roots. I started working with natural materials from Brazil and fell particularly in love with the essence and aesthetics of the healing crystals that are so abundant there.

In the middle of this journey, my partner Guilherme joined me and together we created La Boboá. We at La Boboá love to seek inspiration for new ideas and pieces from nature and try to thank nature back by using reclaimed and fair-trade materials. Our love for nature reflects on what we do and how we do it.

Owning a small business gave us the opportunity to connect with many special people in this world who share our same values. Being able to create a connection with another person, to deliver a piece that we made with so much love to someone we don't know, is so special. It gives us a feeling of empathy to one another, and that's such a beautiful feeling.

Empathy can change the world.





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