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Who is behind La Boboá?


Anne Cauduro: Graduated in Fashion Styling in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2013 I started to create accessories, such as bags and bracelets, in recycled leather. After moving to Paris in 2015, I started to feel homesick, and that led to a sort of nostalgic creativity atmosphere. Stones and crystals have always accompanied me on my way, but at this moment they were even more important to me, little pieces of my country, their energies touched me even more strongly while I was elsewhere. It was just natural to start creating jewelry with these Brazilian stones, first for me and for my loved ones, and then for you. Little by little my passion for stones mixed with my passion for jewelry and accessories, and La Boboá was born gradually.


Guilherme Petersen: Graduated in Fine Arts in Paris, my passion has always been photography and video. I was new to jewelry making work until I met Anne, but manual work, drawing and painting have always been present in my practice. Working with small pieces of jewelry was a real challenge at first. Putting on jewelry was a test of patience, but the energy of the stones kind of captivated me and I fell in love with it. The creation of La Boboá came about and happened naturally, we both used our knowledge to make it happen, and the learning of the path was unmatched.  



How did we start?

Empathy is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world ...

From my childhood I have been surrounded by the practice of craftsmanship. Influenced by my mother, a strong and creative woman who has always created pieces of decoration and clothing for her own entertainment, but also with an entrepreneurial spirit, I grew up with a great interest in manual work.
Making parts and creating something that wasn't there before has always been my favorite game, and it has remained over the years.

It was obvious to me that I had to create things that would convey my personality and my experiences, a mixture of my life in Paris and my Brazilian roots. So, I began to want to work with materials from natural resources from my country, and I especially fell in love with the essence and aesthetics of crystals and healing stones that abound in Brazil.

During this journey, Guilherme joined me and together we created LaBoboa. Together we are always looking to find inspiration for new ideas and pieces in Nature, and try to give thanks to Nature by using reclaimed and fair trade materials. Our love for Nature sheds light on what we do and how we do it.

Having a small business has given us the opportunity to connect with many people around the world who share our same values. To be able to make a connection with another person, someone we don't know, to deliver a play that we made with so much love, is so special. It gives us a feeling of empathy for each other, and it's such a beautiful feeling. Empathy can change the world.

Empathy can change the world.